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Từ tự kỷ nặng đến kỳ tài

Ngày 23 Tháng 5, 2024

Autism Treatment Revolution: Tâm Việt's Bioplasticity-Based Edueco

Tâm Việt's bioplasticity-based edueco offers a revolutionary approach to autism treatment, recognizing the importance of holistic sync and bodily superhighways in promoting overall health and well-being

Ngày 22 Tháng 5, 2024

Tâm Việt EduEco: A Holistic Bioplasticity Sync Over Knowledge Teaching (Part 2)

In contrast, Tâm Việt EduEco's bioplasticity-based approach aims to develop all 100% of the body's cells

Ngày 22 Tháng 5, 2024

Tâm Việt Bioplasticity-Based EduEco: A Paradigm Shift in Nurturing Talent - The Nguyễn Khắc Hưng Phenomenon

The success of Tâm Việt EduEco and the Nguyễn Khắc Hưng case underscore the significance of adopting a holistic, bioplasticity-based approach to talent development.

Ngày 15 Tháng 5, 2024

Hành trình chinh phục chuỗi kỷ lục Guinness thế giới: Khám phá những thách thức vượt trội và ý chí Việt Nam vươn tầm thế giới

Trường hợp của Nguyễn Khắc Hưng, cậu bé tự kỷ đã đạt được 3 kỷ lục Guinness thế giới và đang hướng tới những kỷ lục mới, là một minh chứng rõ nét cho ý chí Việt Nam vươn tầm thế giới.

Ngày 14 Tháng 5, 2024

Tâm Việt EduEco & The Khac Hung Phenomenon: An Analytical Examination of Triple Coherence Resonance for Synchronized Physiological, Cognitive, and Emotional Enhancement

Implementing the Triple Coherence Resonance model yields significant enhancements in cognitive performance, emotional balance, and physical health.

Ngày 12 Tháng 5, 2024

Leveraging Guinness World Records for National Development: The Strategic Vision of Tâm Việt EduEco and the Inspiring Story of Nguyễn Khắc Hưng

Tâm Việt EduEco’s Guinness World Records initiative represents a novel approach to economic and social reform, demonstrating how targeted cultural and educational programs can contribute to broad economic objectives.

Ngày 12 Tháng 5, 2024

Embracing Change and Transformation: A Strategic Vision for Management Reform at Tâm Việt EduEco

As Tâm Việt EduEco continues its journey from change management to transformation management, it stands as a beacon for others in the educational

Ngày 5 Tháng 5, 2024

Empowering Newcomers Through Holistic Educational Practices: The Evidence-Based Approach of Tâm Việt EduEco

By integrating newcomers into a holistic resonant energy flow that is underpinned by evidence-based practices, the institution ensures that each student is transformed and empowered to engage with the world in meaningful and sustainable ways.

Ngày 27 Tháng 4, 2024

Leave Your Legacy: Make History with Tâm Việt EduEco's Transformational Coaching

Whether you dream of setting a world record, excelling in your chosen field, or making a lasting positive impact on your community, Tâm Việt EduEco's Transformational Coaching - fueled by compassion - will empower you on your journey.

Ngày 16 Tháng 4, 2024

Enhancing Self-Regulation through the Art of Juggling: A Potential Therapeutic Intervention

The integration of juggling into the Tâm Việt EduEco holistic educational ecosystem presents an exciting opportunity to promote self-regulation skills in youth. By embracing juggling as a valuable educational tool, this innovative model could inspire more widespread adoption of this joyful and beneficial practice in schools and communities.