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Cách tiếp cận đổi mới của Tâm Việt

Ngày 22 Tháng 1, 2024

Beyond Boundaries: The GSCCC Approach to Unlocking Exceptional Achievements in Individuals with Autism - Khac Hung's Trailblazing Journey to a World Record

Khac Hung's journey from a teenager grappling with severe autism to a Guinness World Record Holder is a vivid testament to the potential of the GSCCC approach

Ngày 22 Tháng 1, 2024

Unleashing Potential: The Synergy of Confidence and Talent in Capacity Building, Enhanced by GSCCC - A Deep Dive with the Case Study of Khac Hung

Understanding the dynamics between talent and confidence is crucial in the realm of personal development.

Ngày 22 Tháng 1, 2024

Revolutionizing Education: Bridging Traditional Teaching and Gamified Sequential Coaching for a Paradigm Shift

The proposed paradigm shift towards Gamified Sequential Coaching Consistency represents an exciting and potentially transformative development in education

Ngày 21 Tháng 1, 2024

Advancing Education: Integrating Energy Management through Sequential Coaching for Enhanced Well-Being and Academic Performance

The proposed shift towards energy management as a foundational educational strategy offers a broader, more effective approach to learning, emphasizing the need to balance academic achievement with physical and mental health.

Ngày 9 Tháng 1, 2024

Triad of Challenges: Comprehensive Strategies for Adolescents with Autism and ADHD

The intersection of ASD, ADHD, and adolescence presents a unique set of challenges that necessitates a holistic and individualized approach.

Ngày 8 Tháng 1, 2024

Zen Over Gen: Harnessing Tam Viet Zen for Talent Coaching and Overcoming Disabilities - Khac Hung's Inspirational Journey

Tam Viet Zen redefines the approach to disability and talent coaching. By focusing on the holistic development of individuals, it opens up avenues for extraordinary achievements, as illustrated by Khac Hung's inspiring journey.

Ngày 8 Tháng 1, 2024

Pleasure Over Pain: Embracing Joy and Well-Being Through the Spirituality & Science Diamond Pyramid

By combining ancient philosophical wisdom with modern scientific insights and spiritual principles, this model provides a pathway to transcend pain and embrace a life filled with joy, well-being, and pleasure.

Ngày 4 Tháng 1, 2024

Meditation over Medication: The Game-Transformer in Mental Health with Gamified 4D VREM Coaching; Subtitle: Harnessing Ability Over Disability - Khac Hung's Groundbreaking Journey

The success of Khac Hung is not just anecdotal; it provides empirical evidence supporting the effectiveness of Gamified 4D VREM Coaching. It demonstrates the potential of non-pharmacological, holistic approaches in achieving significant improvements in complex mental health conditions, challenging traditional perceptions and treatment methods.

Ngày 3 Tháng 1, 2024

Enhancing Mental Health Care with Tâm Việt Zen: A Detailed Exploration of Its 4D VREM Coaching Foundation

The application of Tâm Việt Zen, with its 4D VREM Coaching core, led to remarkable improvements in Khac Hung's condition. The culmination of this journey in achieving a Guinness World Record not only highlights Khac's personal triumph but also validates the potential of this integrative approach in treating severe autism.

Ngày 2 Tháng 1, 2024

Algorithm of the Transformative Paradigm Shift in Education: From Learning Society to Gamified 4D Coaching Society

The education sector is at the cusp of a revolutionary transformation, shifting from a traditional, passive learning framework to an innovative, interactive, and proactive model of education - the gamified 4D coaching society.